Potting Bench Review

When we bought our house there was a greenhouse on the property.  The greenhouse was set up for hydroponics and wasn’t particularly useful for us.  We have slowly made changes here and there a little at a time trying to decide how best to use this building.  It is quite large at 16’x20’, and while I didn’t want to lose the ability to use it as a green house for wintering plants, it certainly wasn’t serving us well and quickly became a dumping ground.

The floor was a pebble base that would not pack down, a little like walking on quick sand.  Last summer we cleaned everything out and had a concrete floor poured.  We also added double doors so that we could store our lawn mower and all of the outdoor equipment.  In addition it houses some of Mr. Wonderful’s power tools and we were also going to design a potting area with a sink for me and replace some of the exterior boards before painting. Then Hurricane Harvey hit and many of our plans and projects were put on hold.  (We were not personally effected by Harvey but our church and many friends and neighbors were.)


I decided if I could find a potting bench that would work for the next couple of years for a reasonable price that would be the best choice for now.  Amazon to the rescue yet again, I chose this bench for the price and look, I put it together in less than a couple of hours working by myself, for two people it could go faster.

The bench is made of very soft wood although it is sturdy enough for planting, it would not support a significant amount of weight.  If it were going to be used outside it would definitely need to be sealed in some way, this will not be a problem for me because mine will remain inside.   The work surface is adequate in size and the bottom shelf is great storage, the small upper shelf is very narrow so won’t hold anything large.  Overall I am pleased.  It is not the grand bench I dreamed of, but it will do for now.  In the mean time it gives me more time on Pinterest to design the perfect garden area.



The galvanized container on the counter holds tools as well as garden gloves.  There is a small drawer where I placed scissors and a clicker for the fire pit, it can be seen just outside the window.  The blue Coleman cooler is where my potting soil is stored and the blue cup on the side is at the ready to help fill pots.  I am sure to get a few years of enjoyment from this area.